Identification and electronic signature systems for submitting documents to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

To submit electronic documents to the University you will need to log in with your credentials and sign the documents. The University currently admits the identification and electronic signature systems listed below:

  • Electronic DNI (DNIe): individuals may use the electronic signature systems incorporated in the National Identity Document to interact with the University by electronic means. Further information

  • TCAT and TCATP digital certificates for public employees that the UPC issues to teaching and research staff and administrative and service staff. Further information

  • Digital certificates for citizens issued by the FNMT. Further information

  • idCat: digital certificates issued by the Open Administration Consortium of Catalonia. Further information

  • Other digital certificates issued by certification bodies.

  • idCAT Mòbil: system of the Open Administration Consortium of Catalonia that involves sending a one-time password to the mobile phone of a previously registered user. Further information. What you can do it with idCAT Mòbil

  • Cl@ve: personal identification system used and offered by the General State Administration. Further information

  • Concerted key systems: electronic identification systems that are not based on electronic certificates but instead use knowledge of a key previously agreed with the user as an authentification factor (for UPC community members only).

You can find further information about identification and electronic signature systems that are admitted to the completion of procedures in the following document.

Signature systems for submitting documents

The UPC will publish a list of signature systems that can be used to submit electronic documents to the University in the e-services portal. Each process will have certain signature systems asociated with it that are proportional to the security level that the process in question requires.